At Quips Pub, we are attempting to continue the tradition of great hospitality by blending our peculiar atmosphere with leisure and propriety, combining extraordinary dining with ordinary prices.

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Monday, 2/18/19 @ 2:35PM
Rumor has it all of the great presidents loved chicken wings. Why not join us tonight for wing night in their honor!
Friday, 2/15/19 @ 3:54PM
It’s still Valentine’s Day in here! Tonight’s sweetheart inspired cocktail is a chocolate coconut macaroon. Yum!! #quipspub #youdonthavetolikecoconut #creamydrink #liquormakesagreatdessert #funmartini #tasteslikehawaiiantropic
Thursday, 2/14/19 @ 4:34PM
Happy Valentine’s Day!! We are offering our full menu tonight as well as these weekend specials (a day early). Space is very limited so please call ahead! Cheers!